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    Mozilla Firefox 20.0 Final

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    Mozilla Firefox 20.0 Final

    Mozilla Firefox - very fast browser, and speed work are visible not only during loading web pages, but also when searching for bookmarks and history. Made it through the engine, and Mozilla allows you to view all web pages in one multi-tab window, and also has many other useful options, including the ability to significantly enhance connectivity plug-ins (and released their great number).

    Firefox allows you to surf faster, safer and much more efficient. More than 40 million users have chosen him as their regular browser. Firefox has a function of import favorites and settings from IE and Opera, so you don't have to reconfigure everything, and just download and you are ready to experience the charm of this browser. Apply this wonderful web-browser absolutely free.

    The main features of the browser :
    Pop-Up Blocker
    Tabbed browsing (multiple pages in one window)
    Built-in search bar in search engines and dictionaries
    Live Bookmarks - mechanism for integrating RSS-streams
    Ample opportunities to configure the behavior and appearance
    Support for multiple extensions
    Built-in tools for web developer
    Automatic updates of both the browser and its extensions (version 1.5)
    Display content at once
    Securely store passwords for sites with the ability to select a "master password", which encrypts all the rest
    Adding a bookmark with one click
    Password Manager
    Improved performance
    Instant Web Site ID
    The full scale
    Appearance and integration with the native platform
    Smart Location Bar
    And many other features

    The main features of Firefox 20

    • A new implementation of the private mode, providing the possibility of opening separate Windows in private mode running simultaneously with the regular nepriyatnymi Windows (previously only supported initiating private session). A new feature allows you to open a separate window, all tabs that will work without sedimentation data in history and local caches. In the context menu, in addition to opening links in a new window, added support for opening links in a private window. In contrast to the previously available private browsing mode, a new mode has no impact to the already open tabs and does not require the closing of an active session, allowing to combine the opening of sites in normal and private modes;
    • Redesigned UI for managing downloads. The progress of a load can be easily controlled through a special area in the toolbar, without having to view statistics in a separate window;
    • Ability to close hanging plugins, without the browser just hangs. If the plug does not respond within 45 seconds, the user will be notified with a proposal to restart a frozen plugin without restarting the whole browser;
    • Support for getUserMedia API to access the web-camera and microphone of the local computer (the user will appear a warning with the question if it agrees to grant access to equipment). In combination with such an API, CSS filters and webGL, a new feature allows you to create a flexible means to process received from the camera content. Support for the getUserMedia API is an important step for wide implementation of the future of WebRTC standard aimed at the implementation of Web tools for organizing audio and video communications in real time;
    • Continue work to increase the performance of various parts of the browser, including the changes increase the speed of loading pages, reducing the delay when you shut down and accelerating of the background file loading;
    • Tools to reset the search engine used when you type keywords in the address bar Awesomebar. This feature will allow you to undo changes of settings made by third-party software or modifying about:config;
    • Enable by default support for CSS3 Flexbox properties, designed for a simplified block layout of elements on the page. Using Flexbox developer can easily adapt their pages for optimal display on different screen sizes and different resolutions. In particular, for the smaller screens of smartphones or tablets can automatically resize content and regrouping, move the most important elements up and to reduce the number of columns;
    • Added a new tool for profiling javascript code;
    • The Developer Toolbox, uniform interface for quick access to developer tools in one window, such as the web console, the debugger, the system of inspection and the editor of the key;
    • Canvas added support for shading (Canvas Blend Modes). When the overlay display images on other images it is now possible to provide not only the replacement of the intersecting
    • Continued implementation of new elements presented in the draft standard ECMAScript 6: added calls to clear() and Math.imul;
    • Enhancing audio and video tags: Support the playbackRate attribute to control the playback speed of the stream, for example, the user can view the video in accelerated mode, pausing playback only for moments. Support for combining multiple logical Ogg streams (Ogg chaining);
    • In the version for the Android platform is lowered the system requirements, Firefox can now run on devices with 384MB of RAM and QVGA screen (320x240). In addition, added support for hardware decoding H. 264/AAC/MP3 if using Android 3.x and 4.x, and also possible to customize the content region of the "Top Sites" on the home page (about:home).

    Mozilla Firefox 20.0 Final

    Operating system : Windows® XP / Vista / Seven / 8
    Interface language : Russian
    Released : 2013
    Activation : Not required
    Size : 20.92 Mb

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    Download Mozilla Firefox 20.0 Final for Windows 7, 8, 10
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