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    Connectify Hotspot Pro

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    Connectify Hotspot Pro

    Connectify is a program that will help you create from your PC full access point. The PC must be installed Wi-Fi card and Windows 7 operating system because only it appeared realized function virtual Wi-Fi. This program is a kind of wrapper for this function that allows users without special knowledge to configure it quickly and effortlessly. After you create a full Wi-Fi access point, you can easily connect the tablet, no special settings on it.

    Main features Connectify:
    - Easy organization complete access point Wi-Fi.
    - Initial Setup Wizard program.
    - To ensure the security of the encryption WPA2-PSK or WEP.
    - Convenient operation from the system tray.
    - Higher performance - up to 30% higher throughput when using a high-speed connection to the Internet.
    - Improved identification of the Xbox 360 and some devices from Motorola.
    - Completely new implementation of UPnP - increased productivity, no more false alarms.
    - Completely new user interface with tabs.
    - Intelligent warnings when hotspot without an Internet connection.
    - The user interface is resizable - grab the top or bottom edge of the window and resize the user interface to the preferred height.
    - New, cleaner status area across the top of the interface.
    - Easy access to the menu by pressing the Connectify logo near the Start / Stop buttons.
    - Service launch at startup.
    - Support for multiple monitors, in cases when the taskbar is not on the primary monitor.
    - New algorithm for choosing the IP-address of the hotspot improves compatibility with devices IOS.

    - Easily manage a firewall to Pro users: once you start your hotspot, there are two simple check box to control with the ability to deny client access to the Internet or to allow local access, control, whether they are connected to each other or with your computer.
    - Discovery of Wi-Fi does not like: Connectify now detects and warns you if the wireless network was switched off(flight mode) on your computer.
    - Input validation: Connectify now validates your input as you type. It really simplifies dealing with the confusion in areas such as WEP passwords, which can consist of 5, 10 or 26 characters. Now to find the correct password has become easier and much more convenient.
    -Conflict detection, part 1: it has Become clear that the majority of "mistakes",about which users Connectify 3,0 reported were in fact related to programmatic interventions in the work Connectify. Two of the most conflicting program is SonicWALL VPN and Comodo Firewall, Connectify now refuses to even the set while they are on your PC.
    - Conflict detection, part 2: When you submit a bug report, go for more information about firewalls and antivirus programs Connectify support center. We hope that this will allow us to debug other conflicts much faster.
    - Help menu: We tried to make the items in the help menu, clear,with explanations about what they are doing. Put crafted the items from the menu.Help straight to Connectify folder on the start menu to make them easier,if You encounter any problems.
    - Advanced Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting been improved, it no longer tells you about many things that work well and just focus on the problems. It also gives better descriptions and links to our support team.
    - More icons: updated vendor database with more companies and icons for clients.
    - Improved Installer: Many small improvements in the installer. Should result in a reboot less frequently.
    - Also fixed: Connectify and the installer refuses to continue, even if a reboot is not required, as long as you do not restart your PC.
    - Data in Programdata: Connectify Service now stores its data and writes them to a folder ProgramData system (usually C: ProgramData Connectify), and not in a folder in Program Files.

    Connectify Hotspot Pro

    Released: 2013
    Platform: Windows® 7/8
    Interface language: English
    Activation: Serial
    Size: 6.96 Mb

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