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    Alcohol 52%

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    Alcohol 52%

    Alcohol 52% - Free software to simulate and create images. This program allows you to create multiple virtual drives, and then burn them to any image.In this case, you can either take the image from the Internet or any source or first create it from the disk.Emulation image using the virtual drive in some cases eliminates the need for physical media.This is useful when you take a disk from a friend, or you just do not want to constantly get it off the shelf, but the program requires.Then you can use the function to create a virtual drive. In addition, when a continuous operation by the disk-like drive naturally operates much faster physical.However, we should warn you that the copying of licensed products, in such a way - illegally. In addition, not all programs or games can be copied in this way. The program Alcohol 52% supports almost all formats of images, so the problems with their connection, you will not.
    Free version of the program allows you to create only 6 virtual drives. However, we think this is quite enough for the average user. In addition, the program can be turned off any image from the drive, and then on again.

    - Create up to 6 virtual drives and the subsequent recording of images on them.
    - Support for almost all media types.
    - Supports most image formats.
    - Simple and intuitive interface.
    - Ability to "zavirtualit" as an image downloaded from the Internet, and information on physical media.
    - The program Alcohol 52% is completely free.
    - Alcohol 52% has low requirements for computer

    Alcohol 52%

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: Multi / Russian
    Activation: Not required
    Size of archive: 1.1 MB
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