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    About & O ShutUp10 1.1.1348.1 Portable

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    О&O ShutUp10 1.1.1348.1 Portable

    O & O ShutUp10 - A free anti-spyware tool for Windows 10.Portable tool offers you to determine yourself how "convenient" features of Windows 10 threaten privacy and should be disabled O & O ShutUp10 allows you to take complete controlthose functions of Windows 10, you want to use, and make sure that your data will not be sent to third parties.

    With a simple and intuitive interface, the user can decide which unwanted functions must be disabled to improve the confidentiality of data.

    Key features O & O ShutUp10

    Setting safety;
    Protection of privacy;
    Office location services;
    Update Management Windows;
    Preventing transmission of user data and diagnostics.

    Microsoft is trying to create the greatest ease of installation of its products, as a result, most users do not read privacy statements and simply confirms introductionAccording to the document. Unfortunately, this simplistic approach from Microsoft brings to the fact that more data is sent to the server of the corporation.

    Microsoft uses the most data to display personalized information to make your digital life more convenient and easier.For example, Windows 10 can recall going to the airport 30 minutes early due to heavy traffic on the roads along the route.In order to provide you with this information, the service has access to calendar entries, e-mails, according to your location and to the Internet to obtain data on traffic jams.

    Some protocol service record keyboard input, exchange data with WLAN-access accounts, Facebook and in the background are connected to the public, and therefore potentially dangerous networks without asking the user. All this represents a serious security risk.

    O & O ShutUp10 offers independently decide what "comfortable"

    jeopardize the privacy function and should be disabled. The program is available to all functions in one place - you do not need in-depth knowledge of IT and no need for manual changes to system settings confidentiality.

    O & O ShutUp10 solution is completely free and requires no installation - just open the file and run the tool on your computer instantly. The program does not contain any unwanted adware unlike other common nowadays applications.

    Изменения в О&O ShutUp10 1.1.1348.1
    A notice will be shown should creation of restore points be disabled
    New Cortana settings added
    FIX: Minor bug fixes

    О&O ShutUp10 1.1.1348.1 Portable

    Graduation Year : 2015
    Operating system : Windows® 10
    Interface language : Russian
    Activation : Free
    Size 3 Mb

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