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    GOLD TV program online TV and radio. The channels of television and radio placed in the broadcast program is freely available and the user are free. The Creator of the program exempt from any responsibility for the content of TV and radio channels. The program has a convenient and understandable user interface, prompt the user what operating functions you can use when working. And as mentioned above, this program is completely free software!
    However, the program additionally has a password authorization, make the authorization will be available to support functions of the program, some details are described in Helre of this program.

    Changes in version:

    -Added automatic notification of new versions of the program, after which you can go to the website and updated.(this feature can be disabled);
    -Added menu item where you can get access to the private section(+18) and perform a refresh or restore of file streams;
    -Added automatic update of the file streams, so this option can be disabled and perform a manual update;
    -Radio was Russified unit titles;
    -Small fixes with automatic start in radio;
    -When pressing the off button. the sound controller becomes inactive;
    -Added a new unit the Web Camera(beta) while the cameras are not many cities of Russia;
    -The box Webcams can be changed as you like;

    Were added to the following TV channels:

    -Public(8 channel, Rain);
    -Educational(Discovery science, Explorer, Hstory, Zoo);
    -Cartoons(Hey Arnold, About the Mole, Jimmy Neutron, voody voodpeker);
    -Music(Disco!, Disco 80, MusicBox Russia);
    -Sports(NTV(sport,sport+,Our football,soccer,tennis,and lead), Auto+);
    -Movie and TV series(SONY, metro goldwyn mayer, fox live, eurokino, scifi, axn scifi);
    -Fun(Zadornov, the Village of fools, Kudrow, Macgorman, ComedyTV);

    Information about the program
    Released: 2012
    OC: Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8
    Resolution: 32bit
    Language of the program: Russian
    Medicine: in stock
    Size: 16.85 MB

    Download GOLD TV

    Download GOLD TV for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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