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    Adobe AIR Final

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    Adobe AIR Final

    Adobe AIR Saturday performance, which allows developers to use standard HTML, javascript, software Adobe Flash® and Flex, as well as language ActionScript® to deploy web applications,which are implemented as standalone client applications and are not subject to the limitations associated with the use of the browser.Coordinated and flexible application development environment for a variety of devices and platforms provided by Adobe AIR, a major component of the Adobe Flash Platform, helps designers and developersdisclose all their creativity. Currently supported operating environments for mobile ustroysva and televisions such as Android ™, BlackBerry® Tablet OS, and iOS.

    Developers. Take advantage of work in a coherent and flexible visual environment for developing applications for different platforms and devices, such as TVs, smartphones, smartbooks, tablets, notebooks and desktops.
    Increase the efficiency of the development process by reusing code and use an intuitive visual environment for various platforms.
    Create a consistent and dynamic interactive applications supporting mnogoekrannosti.

    Ease of operation. Adobe AIR lets you work with Web applications without using a browser. To run AIR applications on the desktop or the device to have a web browser is not required, so you can enjoy all the benefits of working with the original application.

    Efficiency. Many companies, for example, NASDAQ *, and AOL *, using Adobe AIR, to create powerful applications to provide services directly to users' desktops.

    Easy to install. Adobe AIR installation is extremely simple. You may have already conducted its installation. If not, you can do it automatically when you start the app * on the basis of AIR.Just let me run the installation, implementation of additional action is required. If necessary, you can install Adobe AIR manually.

    Security. Observe safety precautions when working on the Internet. Adobe AIR helps ensure safe installations by requiring a digital signature for each application AIR. With their help, before starting the installation will be made to identify the application and its developer.

    Adobe AIR Final

    Released: 2015
    Interface language: Russian (Installer)
    Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Activation : Not necessary
    File size: 17,28 Mb

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    Download Adobe AIR Final for Windows 7, 8, 10
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