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    EAZ-FIX Pro 9.1 Build 2697408523 + Softonic

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    EAZ-FIX Pro 9.1 Build 2697408523 + Softonic

    EAZ-FIX Professional - restores the system configuration and information data for only 10 seconds, completely - 100 percent. Including user data and settings - for hours, weeks and even months ago, and even fatal when Windows itself is not loaded. Also help avoid viruses, crashes, Internet attacks, to protect their privacy, because any changes can be quickly undone.

    According to the developers, EAZ-FIX can take a snapshot of the system in just 5 seconds, but in order for that to return to the system, the program only 10 seconds. Moreover, the snapshot contains all the settings of the OS, programs and data users. You can make an unlimited number of system snapshots, and then return to any state of these pictures. To restore a fully functional operating system can even if it refuses to boot (corrupted boot or system files).

    Word of EAZ-FIX – this, which is based on the functional technology that allows the user to speed up the Troubleshooting procedure and the consequences of any failure in the system. The main difference between this program from existing analogues is the speed of work. For example in conducting any experiments or installing software, EAZ-FIX vosstanovit system and information data for only 10 seconds, completely - 100 percent..

    The program EAZ-FIX can be useful for different users:
    - home users whose computers are often subjected to various attacks;
    - It professionals who have to restore the system;
    - testing centers programs, which often required you to reinstall the system;
    - a computer lab where it is always necessary to have a purified system.

    Benefits of EAZ-FIX
    - EAZ-FIX does not require hidden partition or disk space additional disk space for the installation.
    - The program is constantly protects your PC from various threats.
    - EAZ-FIX snapshots of the current state of the system without interrupting your workflow.
    - In just 10 seconds your system will be returned to the previous state, even if Windows has malfunctioned and is not loaded.
    - EAZ-FIX is chosen by millions of users thanks to the swiftness, simplicity and quality of this software.
    - New! Create a full backup of the disks
    - New!To create an emergency bootable CD/DVD or ISO

    Special features EAZ-FIX
    - The program allows you to make backup images of your hard disk for possible later restore the system from scratch.
    With EAZ-FIX you can fully migrate the operating system and all programs and files from one computer to another.
    EAZ-FIX Pro 9.1 Build 2697408523 + Softonic

    Information about the program
    Version: 9.1 Build 2697408523
    Releases released: 2012
    Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: english (crack)
    Activation: keygen
    File size: 109 Mb

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