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    QPST 2.7.323

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    QPST 2.7.323

    ZTE QUALCOMM QPST 2.7.323 - Software package for work, configure, manage, and ZTE USB modem firmware. And also to work with phones based on chipsets from Qualcomm. The archive has detailed instructions on how to use.

    QPST The package includes:
    QPST Configuration - Select the COM port for the phone;
    EFS Explorer - File Manager phone file system;
    Display Capture - For making screenshots while loading phone processor (Java-games or video) images do not right the first time;
    FTM Application - Testing the RF path;
    RF Calibration - RF calibration tract;
    RF NV Item Manager - Manager of NV-memory (EEPROM);
    RL Editor - Set up a roaming list;
    Service Programming - To configure various settings of the phone;
    Software Download - Flasher phone;
    QCNView - A program for viewing .qcn files that can be created in the Software Download (Backup menu);
    DMProxyWin - Server for broadcast QPST ports with phones to internet (QPST and running this program by connecting the device (s) can be connected to connected devices using QPST (QXDM) from another machine);
    Gang Flash Image Application - Creating an image of the firmware and file system for use in the programming, such as the Data I / O ProLINE RoadRunner or Data I / O FlashPAK.

    Interface language: British
    Activation: Not required
    Size of archive: 8.73 MB

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