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    PicPick 3.1.6 (2012 / Rus) Portable

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    PicPick 3.1.6 (2012 / Rus) Portable

    Title: PicPick 3.1.6
    Graduation Year: 2012
    Platform: PC
    OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
    Interface language: ML / Russian
    Activation: not required
    Size: 13,19 MB

    PicPick Tools is a useful application that combines the capabilities a simple graphic editor and tools for capturing images from a computer screen. Graphical editor like Microsoft Paint, but has built-in filters and effects.

    Among the special features is to provide the ability to capture the whole desktop screen (including, and on multi-monitor systems), capture only the active window, separate field of entire web pages (with automatic scrolling) or regions with arbitrary boundaries. PicPick has simple and convenient interface, requires no installation.

    A set of tools for editing and creating graphics. PicPick Tools has many features that will help users to quickly and efficiently handle image files of various formats.

    Program features:
    - A full-featured image editor with ability to edit multiple files. Each image file is opened for editing in a separate tab.
    - A utility for taking screenshots. It allows you to capture the entire screen, active window or a user-specified random field.
    - Changing the size of images, zoom to original aspect ratio of the picture.
    - Change the brightness, contrast, color images. Rotating and cropping graphic files to the desired size.
    - Add labels to images.
    - Drawing Mode customizable virtual brushes.
    - Allows you to superimpose images of different visual effects.
    - The color palette will help the user to find the right color.
    - Advanced tools for working with graphics: ruler, protractor, magnifier, color pickers, etc.

    PicPick 3.1.6 (2012 / Rus) Portable

    PicPick 3.1.6 (2012 / Rus) Portable

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