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    Dr.Web CureIt! 7.0 Beta (2012-06-03)

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    Dr.Web CureIt! 7.0 Beta (2012-06-03)

    Title: Dr. Web CureIt! 7.0 Beta
    Graduation Year: 2012-06-03
    Platform: PC
    OS: Windows All
    Interface language: Russian English
    Activation: not required
    Size: 85,92 MB

    If Your home computer has anti-virus protection, but You are not sure its 100% reliability and efficiency? Then, curing utility CureIt! from company Doctor Web is exactly what You need!

    With free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! You can very quickly check Your home PC for malware and viruses, as well as various worms and other unwanted scripts and backdoors. If free curing utility DrWeb CureIt! find malicious or dangerous files, it immediately prompts you to delete or quarantine. In case of suspicious or infitsirovannykh files, the program will prompt You to move them or remove.

    Program features:
    - A new scanning subsystem is capable to verify the computer disks in a multithreaded mode, using all the advantages of multi-core processors
    - Significantly increased speed of inspection
    - Significantly improved stability program virtually eliminates the possibility of the scanning process BSOD ("blue screen of death")
    - Completely redesigned user interface
    The rootkit component
    - Advanced spot check the computer (memory, boot sectors, startup objects, etc.)
    - Ability to block network connection in the verification process computer
    - Ability to shut down the operating system after the scan
    - Check the BIOS of the personal computer of being infected "BIOS-whales" — malicious programs infecting a PC BIOS

    Dr.Web CureIt! 7.0 Beta (2012-06-03)

    Dr.Web CureIt! 7.0 Beta (2012-06-03)

    Download Dr. Web CureIt! 7.0 Beta (2012-06-03)

    Download Dr. Web CureIt! 7.0 Beta (2012-06-03) for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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