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    IObit Game Booster 3.5.0 Beta (2012) ML

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    IObit Game Booster 3.5.0 Beta (2012) ML

    In the arsenal of any experienced gamers can find a huge number of tools that make it possible to increase the productivity of PC gaming.Almost all of these additions in no way imply the "acceleration" of hardware components and provide productivity gains by freeing system resources and optimize the OS. Game Booster has the ability to increment a specified collection of useful programs.

    All Microsoft Windows applications run as long as you need them, but they are turned off when you are ready to move on to more demanding in relation to the resources of the case - the game. The program Game Booster makes the game more enjoyable, helping you to delight in the process itself.

    Producers emphasize that Game Booster does not considered inventory for "overclocking", not puts virtually no modifications to the Windows registry, and still does not take the responsibility forchange system options.In support tools Game Booster you can directly before the start of the game with one mouse click to disable a number of unnecessary system services in Windows, do a quick cleanup of memory RAM, and morefinish the work programs that are running in the background, that the free system resources directly on the time at which you want to play the game.Game Booster has the ability to boast a very common and intuitive user interface, which will allow to take all the measures envisaged at the touch of a button.Despite the fact that the tool was originally developed for the gaming audience, he has the opportunity to be no less necessary in some cases, not related to computer games., Users will be able to use this utility to the end of the background action when running any demanding applications.

    IObit Game Booster 3.5.0 Beta (2012) ML

    Features «Iobit Game Booster»:
    • Ease of Use
    • Clear memory, the temporary suspension of the background processes and increasing processor performance
    • Automatic and manual modes
    • User-friendly multilingual interface

    Of Major advantages:
    * One click
    Game Booster is extremely easy to use. The intuitive interface makes Game Booster the perfect tool for novice users running from a single tap.

    * Accelerates the game
    Game Booster allocates more CPU and RAM to your games, that allows your games to work at peak performance vozmzmozhnoy.

    * Defragments Game Files
    With the improved engine, Game Booster can quickly defragment game directories and files to make your games load faster and work than ever.

    * Increased stability of the game
    Game Booster prevents and avoids possible conflicts and incompatibility, by temporarily closing background processes and unnecessary Windows services.

    * Safe, Secure
    Game Booster does not disperse the computer equipment that does not change the Windows Registry and system settings.
    * Fine Tune-Up Game new settings!
    - Fine-tuning the mouse, keyboard, and specialized game controllers with ease.
    - Intuitive and simple interface.

    Changes in the 3.5 Beta:
    + Added the video recording feature when playing 3D-games
    + Added feature screen capture when playing 3D-games
    + Added the function of recording voice during the game
    + Added more supported languages
    + Fixed bugs in the previous version

    Year: 2012
    OS: Windows All
    Language: Multi / Russian
    Activation: Not necessary
    Size: 11.46 MB

    IObit Game Booster 3.5.0 Beta (2012) ML

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