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    CPU-Z 1.60.1 - Russian version

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    CPU-Z 1.60.1 - Russian version

    CPU-Z Is a system utility that will give you the most complete information about installed in the system unit of the computer hardware: processor, memory, cache, graphics card and motherboard. CPU-Z has a small size, convenient to list information about the features and supports almost all types of processors and motherboards.

    Sometimes, processors with the same name to hide unequal "stuffing" - different kernels with different stepping, features, different frequencies with the same ranking, produced byvarious technical processes, and so on. d. Some of these data could be obtained by studying the inscriptions on the cover of the CPU, but they tend to be safely hidden in the system unit under the cooler and a layer of thermal paste. So much more convenient way to get this information is to use a utility CPU-Z.

    Features of CPU-Z:
    precisely defines the basic characteristics of the processor: name, core type and stepping that is used connector, support various multimedia instructions, and volume settings cache
    provides information about current modes of operation: frequency of the processor and bus multiplier supply voltage
    provides information about the volume and the current working mode of the RAM, SPD content blocks of memory. Advanced – basic information about motherboard and a separate benchmark latency memory.

    Changes in version 1.60.1:
    Intel Xeon E5 processors support.
    Fix wrong CPU clock speed under Win8.

    Released: 2012
    Interface language: English To Russian
    Operating system: Windows® 2003/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64-bit)
    The time activation fee: not required
    File size: 2,38 MB

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