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    Adguard 5.3 (base

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    Adguard 5.3 (base

    Program name: Adguard
    Software type: adguard web filter software for blocking ads
    Version of the program: 5.3
    Release date: April 18, 2012
    Interface language: Russian, English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian
    Web site:
    Operating system: any version of Windows
    File size: 1.4 MB

    Adguard 5.3 – new release of the popular program to block online ads and pop-UPS. Quietly working on the computer, Adguard protects users from annoying advertisements, saves bandwidth and speeds up page loading. In addition, the program protects users from the transition to questionable sites that may pose a threat to confidential user data. The program supports all popular browsers, 32 - and 64-bit versions of Windows. In version 5.3 Adguard for convenience has been introduced a mechanism to automatically determine the language filter. The developers have paid great attention to optimizing the program and significantly reduced the time of cold start. The list of available languages in Adguard added 5 new ones: Japanese, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Serbian. Added new regional filters: Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

    1. Works with all popular browsers;
    2. Designed for ad-blocking characteristic of Runet;
    3. Easy to use, quietly blocking ads in the background;
    4. Has a browser module for blocking ads manually;
    5. Works out of the box, requiring no additional configuration;
    6. Indispensable when using 3G modem, because significantly speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth;

    Description version 5.3:
    + The automatic definition language filter
    + Japanese language and filter
    + Portuguese language and filter
    + Spanish language and filter
    + German language
    + Serbian language
    + Dutch filter

    * Problem with very slow first page loading
    * Sped up the filtering pages
    * Fixed problem with spontaneous switching States of filters
    * Minor bug fixes

    Adguard 5.3 (base

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