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    Easy CD-DA Extractor

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    Easy CD-DA Extractor

    One of the main characteristics — ability to use both standard Windows ACM-drivers, external or internal codecs (Wave/PCM, Wave/ADPCM, LAME MP3 Encoder, TwinVQ VQF Encoder, Fraunhofer MP3 Encoder, Windows Media Audio Encoder, etc.). Supports loading data on the disk from CDDB, use and editing CDPlauer.ini, ID3/ID3V2/ID3W tags, normalizing the volume, removing pauses. Works with virtually all IDE/SCSI/USB/FIREWIRE-drives. Multilingual interface, Russian is present.

    Key features:
    * Support for multiple audio formats
    * High-copy Audio CD
    * Work with protected discs
    * Reading of damaged discs
    * Obtain information about the disc from the database freedb
    * Advanced audio processing
    * Create .cue files and playlists .m3u
    * Support CD-Text
    * Multilingual interface, including Russian language
    * And much more...

    Changes in version
    Now with 100% support for ReplayGain; support for Album Gain calculation/metadata added
    Scan and save ReplayGain values (Track Gain and Album Gain) in Audio Converter/Metadata Editor
    Volume normalization in Audio CD burning
    Ogg Vorbis metadata improvement: Now supports the new standard cover art 'METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE' tag over deprecated non-standard 'COVERART' tag
    Ogg Vorbis metadata improvement: Edit metadata without losing unrecognized tags (like with all other formats)
    LAME MP3 encoder updated to 3.99.5
    'Size columns to fit' feature in the track/file lists headers
    Read CD-Text auto-detect and split track artist / title
    Fixed cover art metadata mime type for M4A file format
    Fixed reading PNG and GIF cover art image metadata (various file formats)
    Fixed invalid mime type for PNG and GIF cover art image metadata (various file formats)
    Few minor user interface improvements
    Few minor bug fixes
    Easy CD-DA Extractor

    Information about the program:
    Graduation Year: 2012
    Platform: Windows® 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7
    Interface language: Russian
    Activation: Present
    Format: rar
    File size: 13.05 MB

    Easy CD-DA Extractor

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