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    VideoNet 8.4

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    VideoNet 8.4

    VideoNet is a powerful security complex, offering video surveillance, audio/video recording, device management, telemetry, security sensors, relay outputs and transfer audio/video signals from local video cameras and microphones, and remote. The system allows you to connect wide range of devices: devices video/audio capture, dome cameras, normal cameras, telemetry devices, switches, controllers, security sensors, controllers, relay outputs, and to configure their parameters programmatically.
    VideoNet is the ability of the centralized supervision of multi-defended targets, where ever You are: in the workplace, at home, on a business trip, and whatever communication channels You use (phone, cell, Ethernet, Internet).
    The system is capable of logging all events and recording the video/audio information on a computer hard disk in a special data format that provides a very high data compression. You will be able to fully reconstruct the accident. The built-in player allows again and again to view any video recorded today, yesterday or a few years ago without compromising quality.
    The system is equipped with additional software modules, allowing the system to detect the presence of motion in the selected operator sector both on a local and remote camera, to fix the appearance of a foreign object in the protected area to produce, if necessary, the audio/video recording and alert the operator of an unauthorized intrusion.
    Additionally, the system allows you to "program" the behavior of the system in response to certain events. Thus, You "insure" yourself against unforeseen circumstances. VideoNet gives You the ability to "predict" the future!

    Additional Information:
    The program works perfectly under Win7 32x. Under 64x to run failed. During the installation under win7-32, the installer for "VideoNet 8.4_ru.exe" you need to set the compatibility mode under WinXP. Then everything will work without problems.

    The procedure for treatment:
    To install patched drivers and to remove the protection, you need to copy the content from the folder /VideoNet 8 in the folder Program FilesSKYROSVideoNet 8. All you can use! ! !
    Contrary to the assertions of skeptics, under Win7 everything works fine.

    About the program
    Title: VideoNet
    Version: 8.4
    Created: 2012
    Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    Localization: Russian
    Activation: complete (replacing files)
    Size: 197.06 Mb

    VideoNet 8.4

    VideoNet 8.4 download for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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