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    Encyclopedia of medicines 2012 Rus

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    Encyclopedia of medicines 2012 Rus

    Electronic encyclopedia of medicines - basic book of reference of the new generation, a much more comprehensive descriptions of drugs and their active ingredients.Each description this guide is published in partnership with manufacturers and contains the latest revisions, published in the State register and in the statement text, as well as all the accompanying documents confirming their official status. During
    preparation of the publication information of each description is mapped to a set of official data. In the end, the reader is provided with a full set of official
    information relating to a medicinal product coordinated with the manufacturer or its official representative in Russia. This also applies to wording in the descriptions of drugs. For existing substances, official data in many cases is supplemented by results of recent clinical trials with links to reputable domestic and foreign sources.

    Electronic version of the popular Handbook contains:
    - descriptions of drugs.
    - descriptions of active substances, including data from clinical trials.
    - synonyms and analogues.
    - information on pharmacological action, indications for use, contraindications, side effects, etc.
    photos of drugs.
    - quick and easy search.

    The program will benefit all people, because everyone in life is faced with the choice and medication, and how to take know not all, and it would be necessary, the case is serious, the improvisation here is not valid.
    This program is not fast to take up space on your disk, and assistance will be invaluable.

    Encyclopedia of medicines 2012 Rus

    Product information:
    Developer: Publishing group "radars®"
    Graduation Year: 2012
    Platform: Windows all
    Interface language: Russian
    Activation: not required
    Size: 76.2 MB

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