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    Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Beta 5

    Category: Software | Updated: 19-10-2015, 04:04
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    Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Beta 5

    Mozilla Firefox is a functional, free and very popular browser from Mozilla. Upgraded engine, increased the speed of loading pages of the site, has improved the quality of their display, improved compatibility with new web standards. Mozilla Firefox is open source and developed together by the whole community. 11-I version quickly process the pages of the web sites with diverse content. Is present and powerful plugin support. Thus, adding a lot of different extensions, can very significantly extend the functionality of Mozilla Firefox.

    Fast, functional, perfectly extensible browser-based engine Mozilla. Firefox supports tabs (tabs) - you can open multiple pages in one window. Also you can load links in the background without leaving the page you're currently viewing. The browser supports excellent web standards, has convenient interface, built protection against pop-up Windows (popup blocking), integrated search bar (Google, etc.), convenient work with bookmarks, there is a convenient cookie Manager and password Manager, you can fine-tune the blocking javascript.

    And most importantly - safety. After the discovery of another "hole" in Internet Explorer you don't have to pump tons of updates, Firefox uses a much more secure and reliable "engine" Mozilla. For paranoids have the option of clearing all stored private information (passwords, cookie, history...) with one touch. The browser functionality can be greatly expanded with add-ons.

    Key features:
    • Automatic updates of both the browser and its extensions (version 1.5);
    • Securely store passwords for sites;
    • Block pop-up windows;
    • The appearance and integration with the native platform;
    • Built-in search bar in search engines and dictionaries;
    • Built-in tools for web developer;
    • Adding a bookmark with one click;
    • Live Bookmarks - mechanism for integrating RSS-streams;
    • Instant Web Site ID;
    • Password Manager;
    • Display content at once;
    • Tabbed browsing (multiple pages in one window);
    • Support for multiple extensions;
    • The full scale;
    • Improved performance;
    • Smart Location Bar;
    • Ample opportunities to configure the behavior and appearance;
    • And many other possibilities.

    What's new in Mozilla Firefox 11:
    • Added the ability to import bookmarks, history and cookies from Google Chrome browser;
    • Added the ability to sync add-ons (among other things);
    • Implemented support for CSS text-size-adjust;
    • Added support for the outerHTML of the HTML elements;
    • Now when you view the page source for the illumination elements is used the purser HTML5;
    • Added a tool for editing CSS;
    • In the Inspector tool, added function to display the structure of the page in three-dimensional mode;
    • Added support for SPDY Protocol for faster loading of web pages;
    • XMLHttpRequest now supports HTML parsing;
    • Added the ability to store files in IndexedDB;
    • Websockets now does not include a prefix;
    • Redesigned control HTML5-video;
    • Fixed an issue where the notification worked incorrectly with Growl 1.3 and above.
    • Final release is scheduled for 13th March.

    Released: 2012
    Platform | OS: Windows XP Vista 7
    Interface language: Russian
    Activation: Not required
    File size: 16,22 Mb

    Download Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Beta 5 :

    Download Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Beta 5 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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