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    Full Uninstall 2.0 Portable

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    Full Uninstall 2.0 Portable

    Full Uninstall is the app intended to solve the "cleanup" system after removing any programs, unnecessary files and folders on disks, records in the registry. The program will allow one hundred percent uninstall unnecessary applications from your system. The main function of the tool is the complete removing of programs from your system.

    To do this Full Uninstall monitors all changes that occur in the system during installation of a certain application. You can see what files and registry entries were changed. Using these data, Full Uninstall completely removes the application from the system if necessary.

    Features Full Uninstall 2.0
    * It is now possible to conduct a complete removal from the system of unnecessary programs, even if they were not installed with tracking. When you remove a program will be conducted for data left by her in the registry and on disk, and prompt you to remove these data.
    * In the main window tool "Remove programs" in the choice of the program displays the number of traces left in her system with a detailed view.
    * Ability to rename the installed programs. The new name will appear only inside Full Uninstall. This way you will be able to ask a small comment to any installed program.
    * Quick navigation to the registry keys and folders directly from the preview window of traces of an installed application in the system.
    * The program remembers the folder from which you launched the installer file on the button in the installation window with tracking. Subsequently, when selecting a new file, this folder will open by default.
    * Updated utility to keep track of running programs installed.
    * Fixed:
    1) Incorrect display some UI elements in the Classic Windows theme.
    2) Under 64-bit system when you select show the key relating to the application, a standard registry editor opened with a key different from the one you want to display.
    3) Some programs installed using Windows installer, it was impossible to remove.

    Information about the program:
    Year: 2012
    OC: Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    Language: ML / Russian
    Activation: Not required (Portable)
    Size: 11.44 Mb

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