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    Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2

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    Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2

    Title: Mozilla Firefox
    Style: browser
    Purpose: surfing on the Internet
    Version: 10.0.2
    Graduation Year: 2012
    Developer: MOZILLA®
    Program Website:
    Platform: PC ALL Windows
    Interface language: Russian Ukrainian
    file format: .7z
    Size of archive: 30.95 MB
    Activation: not required

    Mozilla Firefox - very fast browser, and speed work are visible not only during loading web pages, but also when searching for bookmarks and history. Made it through the engine, and Mozilla allows you to view all web pages in one multi-tab window, and also has many other useful options, including the ability to significantly enhance connectivity plug-ins (and released their great number).

    Firefox allows you to surf faster, safer, and much more effectively. Already more than 40 million users have chosen him as their regular browser.In Firefox is a function of import Favorites and installations of IE, Opera, so you will not have to re-configure everything, and just download and you can already feel the charm of the browser. Distributed this wonderful web-browser for free.

    The main features of the browser:
    -Pop-up blocker
    -Support for tabs (multiple pages in one window)
    -Built-in search bar in search engines and dictionaries
    -Live bookmarks - mechanism for integrating RSS-flows
    -Ample opportunities to configure the behavior and appearance
    -Support for multiple extensions
    -Built-in tools for web developer
    -Automatic update as the browser itself and its extensions (version 1.5)
    -Display content immediately
    -Secure storage of passwords for websites with the ability to ask "master password" which encrypts all the rest
    -Add bookmarks with a single click
    -Password Manager
    -Improved performance
    -Instant identification website
    -Full scaling
    -Appearance and integration with the native platform
    -Smart address bar
    -And many other possibilities

    What's new in Mozilla Firefox 10:
    Additions by default, now compatible with Firefox: the Firefox update process was smooth and simple, as the amendments will now be automatically considered compatible with Firefox, even if as the maximum supported version indicated is older browser version. The exceptions to this rule will be:
    - Supplement with binary components;
    - Supplement, whose maximum supported version below Firefox 4.0;
    - additions, whose minimum supported version above this version of Firefox;
    - additions which the author explicitly refused the mechanism of "compatible by default";
    - additions from the "black list" of the site,
    - not tested for compatibility with this version of Firefox.
    The "Forward" button in the navigation panel is now not displayed until
    - until you go back a page (this button is "Forward" must closely adjacent to the address bar)
    Added support for anti-aliasing for WebGL (see bug 615976)
    Added full-screen API, which allow you to create a web application,
    - working in fullscreen mode (see page description API)
    Added support for CSS3 3D-Transforms (see bug 505115)
    Added support for the element , intended to isolate bi-directional text,
    - as well as the corresponding CSS properties (see bug 613149 and bug 662288)
    Added a tool for inspecting the contents of a web page with backlight content
    - includes new inspector CSS-styles
    Added IndexedDB API, allowing better match the specifications
    In a simple editor javascript, built-in Firefox, added to the code editor Orion, allowing developers to edit more than just plain text. Orion code editor has syntax highlighting and many other features to facilitate writing javascript code.
    Fixed an issue where some users
    there was an drop in the browser when moving bookmarks.

    Download Mozilla_Firefox 10.0.2:

    Download Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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