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    AusLogics BoostSpeed ​​v5.2.0.0 Datecode 19.12.2011

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    AusLogics BoostSpeed ​​v5.2.0.0 Datecode 19.12.2011

    AusLogics BoostSpeed - утилита какая назначена для оптимизации работы системы Windows, программ и интернет-соединения. Программа оптимизирует компьютерную память, убыстряет загрузку Windows, повышает быстродействие Microsoft Office, The Bat, FireFox, Opera, Skype, чистит реестр и диск компьютера.

    BoostSpeed содержит в себя знаменитый Auslogics Disk Defrag и набор новых утилит для современных компьютеров.After defragmenting the registry BoostSpeed-ohm, computer speed increase by reducing the fragmentation of the registry files, reducing their size, as well as by eliminating errors in the registry. Помимо этого данная программа предлагает мощные возможности очистки реестра и диска, что в свою очередь позволит вашему компьютеру работать более быстро и эффективно. Имеет дружественный интерфейс и поддержку русского языка.

    The utility allows you to quickly and accurately tune your system for maximum performance.Built in System Adviser will check the settings of your system using 50 different tests and offer you advice on each test. The program is a real-time checks your system and if it finds that some of the parameters can be optimized, be sure to notify you.

    Program features:
    - Cleaning the computer disk from unnecessary files
    - Cleaning the registry of errors and unnecessary entries
    - Find and delete duplicate files
    - Defragment your hard drive
    - Defragment registry to improve performance
    - Acceleration and optimization of Internet connection
    - Defragment and clean the computer's memory
    - Clear browser history, programs and remove traces
    - The possible ways of blocking the invasion of the computer outside
    - Securely delete files and folders from your computer
    - Complete cleaning disks from previously deleted files
    - Setting up the operating system using the hidden features
    - Setting up of system services on your system
    - Management of installed programs and their disposal
    - Manage a list of programs at startup
    - Get detailed information about your system
    - View running processes with detailed information about each process
    - Quick access to the built-in Windows tools
    - Многоязычный интерфейс с поддержкой русского языка.

    Year: 2011
    OS: A Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    Language: Ml / Russian / English
    Activation: Присутствует (crack-iOTA)
    Size: 8,5 Мб
    Скачать: AusLogics BoostSpeed v5.2.0.0 Datecode 19.12.2011

    Скачать AusLogics BoostSpeed v5.2.0.0 Datecode 19.12.2011 для Windows 7, 8, 10
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