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    VSO Media Player

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    VSO Media Player

    VSO Media Player - It is absolutely free, very simple and lightweight media player that supports playback of various files, music and video, including DVD and decrypted Blu-Ray discs.

    Features of VSO Media Player:
    • 100% free (no ads, spyware, toolbars).
    • Free video player (Play video and audio files).
    • Very light (only 6 MB).
    • No additional codecs do not need (all included).
    • Specially designed to be compatible with the Blu-Ray files and folders (decrypted).
    • Supports multi-angle + multi-version.
    • Reading DVD and AVCHD .ISO files.
    • Easy to use (supports drag and drop and file navigation bar to move from title to title).
    • Music player (supports various audio formats, including FLAC files).
    • Support Cuda (accelerated graphics card NVidia).
    • Multi-core support (increased stability for smooth playback).

    Changes in version
    - 0004868: [Bug] Out of synch when using seek with "how I met your mother" avi file (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0004897: [Bug] v2.1.400 does not play playlist all the way through - stops at the end of a mp4 (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0004900: [Bug] WebM extension not recognized (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0004858: [Bug] changing audio in settings causes odd behavior (felicia) - resolved.
    - Fixed bug with volume not update at program launch.
    - Boosted volume.
    - Changed time track bar.
    - Fixed seek bugs.
    - Changed progress display.
    - Now program displays message if exe is corrupted.
    - Corupted exe no longer provoques crash.
    - Added option to send bug report.
    - Added Georgian transmation.

    Year: 2011
    OC: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
    Language: Russian | Multilanguage
    Activation: Not required
    Size: 10.85 Mb
    Download: VSO Media Player

    Download VSO Media Player for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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