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    Antibanner AdGuard 5.0

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    Antibanner AdGuard 5.0

    Program name: Adguard 5
    Software type: antibanner, web screen, a program for ad blocking
    Version of the program: 5.0
    Release date: September 28, 2011
    Interface language: Russian
    Web site:
    Operating system: any version of Windows
    File size: 1.4 MB

    Adguard 5 - A new version of the famous software to block advertisements and pop-ups. Adguard quietly working on the computer, protecting you from advertisements, speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth.In addition to advertising the filter, the program has a protective function against phishing and malicious websites and protects your computer from viruses, user - from visiting fraudulent Web sites. Supports 64-bit browsers. One of the best programs in its class.

    1. Works with all browsers;
    2. Designed for ad-blocking characteristic of Runet;
    3. Easy to use, quietly blocking ads in the background;
    4. Has a browser module for blocking ads manually;
    5. Works "out of the box", ie does not require any additional adjustments;
    6. Indispensable when using 3g modem, because significantly speeds up page loading;

    5.0 Description:
    + Completely redesigned user interface
    + Added a new mode of the program - "Economy"
    + Added new experimental methods of protection
    + Improved browser program module ( "Assistant Adguard")
    + Added the statistics containing graphical reports on the work program
    + New metric in statistics (treated and saved traffic, phishing sites)
    + Significantly improved traffic filtering module
    + Added a division into basic / advanced interface (for advanced users)
    + Added the ability to work through a proxy with authorization
    + Added feature of the program in the HTTP-proxy mode
    + Program settings have become much more flexible and understandable

    * Fixed all critical defects identified in the fourth version of the program

    Antibanner AdGuard 5.0

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