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    Opera AC 3.7.8 Final (10.63.3516.5)

    Category: Software | Updated: 22/10/2015, 5:50
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    Opera AC 3.7.8 Final (10.63.3516.5)

    Opera AC - Assembly, established on the basis of all known browser Opera! In the assembly placed many additions, several third-party utilities, and the browser is configured as comfortably as possible for the average user.Using the AC Opera, you will feel all the charm of both the browser Opera, and use the best and the necessary resources on the Internet.This assembly work from any location, it is completely portable. This means that you can now take your favorite browser anywhere (on a USB-drive), where there are only Windows. Opera AC - it's Opera, with advanced configuration.

    Has done a titanic work to the assembly finally saw the light ...There were rumors that the project was dead, but he's alive! I had to sacrifice many amenities, such as such as the spread of the assembly in one file, where you can just unpack and enjoy.Opera developers have added tougher license which says that now it is impossible to distribute part of the Opera is its original distribyutiva.However, that did not stop us, we found a way around it, and the way it is legitimate, that is.for he does not violate any license - assembly initially contains distribyutiv Opera and sets it automatically (if required). Also, this method allows you to install an assembly to solve the problem of the default browser in Windows Vista / 7, incl the most part it is only a plus.

    Graduation Year: 2011
    Activation: Not required
    Interface language: Russian
    OS: Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    Size: 33.2 Mb

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