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    GoldenDict 1.0.1

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    GoldenDict 1.0.1

    GoldenDict - interface for dictionaries. This is a free program for working with dictionaries Lingvo, StarDict, Babylon, Dictd. In GoldenDict already built dictionaries Apresian En-Ru, Ru-En Smirnitskiy and English pronunciation of words, the rest of dictionaries can be set separately. Key features of interpreter GoldenDict - A powerful system of search words and phrases that use the word entered in any register - Scan mode - word translation in a pop-up window when you hover the mouse cursor to the desired wordScan mode - word search in the dictionary Wikipedia articles to display all the details - Play the given words aloud using voice engine program is easy to use,It supports multiple tabs open, keep a journal of translation and search words. Dictionaries for the convenience of the users are divided into groups. With the mouse, you can drag dictionaries groups from the list of available dictionaries, change the order of groups. Supports work with hotkeys.

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