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    Vithma Cool Text

    Category: Text | Updated: 26/07/2015 11:14
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    Vithma Cool Text

    Vithma Cool Text - A program to format the text using the original fonts and styles.A small, free application designed to create texts that can be inserted when chatting or comments on social networking sites.The program provides more options for formatting text than a text editor. You can apply a font style that you like best.In addition to changing the font, Vithma Cool Text allows you to radically transform text transform letters in certain characters to make the blurred text to show it in the opposite direction, orflip. The program includes such useful features like: - Replace - AutoCorrect these characters on others. - Counting characters, words and lines of text. There is also an option for a quick cleaning of the input field, undo and redo (Undo, Rendo). There is a help-help for the program.

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