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    b4Text 0.13

    Category: Text | Updated: 28/7/2015, 10:52
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    b4Text 0.13

    b4Text - free program to find and replace text in text files . A handy tool for users who often work with text files, allows you to replace multiline text blocks in several files in the specified directories (folders) andsubdirectories (subfolders). b4Text easy to use, the interface is in English and Russian languages. Simply enter the old text that you want to replace with a new one.You can also register file extensions which will be search and replace text in a mask (by default * .txt * .htm).It should be noted that the program works only with files encoded in ANSI. Utility portable, requires no installation on your hard drive. It displays the name and number of files that have changed.Among other features b4Text - creating backups of changed files in the format of .bak, support the translation strings in the format of Windows and Unix.

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