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    Cognitive OpenOCR 12

    Category: Text | Updated: 29/7/2015, 11:06
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    Cognitive OpenOCR 12

    Open OCR Cuneiform - Free software for scanning and OCR documents and izobrazheniy.Ispolzuya intelligent OCR software allows recognize the text with scanned documents, dot matrix printers, photocopies, faxes, images and fotografiy.Interfeys CuneiForm in Russian, simple and intuitive.It should be noted that the program can recognize documents in more than 20 languages, any printed fonts and different complexity of the table.When recognizing the structure and formatting of the document is saved.After scanning and recognition, text can be opened for further editing in Microsoft Word or save it to your hard drive in a document Word.This program from the Cognitive Technologies, can compete with other OCR programs - such as FineReader, but unlike her she is free.

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